Monday, 7 October 2013

Third Time Lucky.

TShirt - Isolated Heroes
Skirt - H&M
Rucksack - Urban Outfitters
Trainers - Reebok
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

So this is the third time I have said something like this. I keep saying I'll do my blog, Ill make time for it, I promise myself. Then its simple, I just never do but now that I am writing my dissertation (yep, its that dreaded year) which will be focusing on personal style blogs, I thought when better to actually start this. Hopefully it will be continuous and my 7000 word dissertation won't get in the way. The perks of being a student.

Lately it seems that procrastinating is becoming part of my daily routine. After 6 months away from the place that is starting to make me feel like there is never enough days in the week due to the amount of work I have been given. I have come to the conclusion that after being back for third year I am going to have no life. But as any normal uni student would do, I have decided that I will leave all my work for the moment and do, well anything but. An example of the type of 'productive' procrastinating that has been happening is stationery shopping, if you have not done this, then do so. Its seems to feel like an acceptable procrastination because you feel less bad as you tell yourself its for the good of your projects.

 Isolated heroes has always been a brand that I have been highly interested in and I cannot wait for there new collection, look book and new site to launch. I keep seeing loads of fur, velvet and pastel colours, which makes me so excited, what a perfect combination. In fact some of the collection is on ASOS marketplace now and I will definitely be ordering an item soon, I just want so much pastel pink fur!


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