Thursday, 27 February 2014



Two Piece   |    Zara
Shirt   |    H&M
Rucksack   |    ASOS
Sunglasses    |   Monki
Shoes  |   Topshop


I feel excited and stressed all at the same time. Stressed, due to the fact I have a month to produce my final major project and to tell you the truth I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel so far. Excited, because the last three days I have woke up to the sun beaming through my window, and with living in Brighton, this makes me extremely excited for the summer and the days I can stroll down to the beach. 
So you can understand why I felt it was necessary to get the sunglasses out. This two piece has become one of my favourite pieces of clothing as I can literally wear it in any style. For this outfit I wanted to play around, so I added a bright shirt underneath to make it fun yet its still carries that smart look. These platforms in all honesty cause me pain, there that kinda '6 hour only' shoe. Do you have any of those? I feel like unfortunately I have quite a few. So they're fine for my 4hour shifts at work but anything else and its game over. 



I fell in love hard when this coat went down the catwalk! And the most upsetting thing is I can't have one, where do I get a bluddy Glitter coat from? LOVE STRUCK. Claps for Rodarte. 


Tuesday, 4 February 2014





Bag  |  Topshop
Top   |   Zara
Skirt   |   Zara
Trainers   |   New Balance 420

You must think I'm mad for getting my legs out in this weather, and if you do then you certainly are not the only one. I think my head has fast forward slightly and may be wishfully thinking praying that summer will come around soon. I got a lot of odd looks for braving bare legs BUT, am I the only one who hates wearing tights with an outfit? I despise them. Ok, despise is slightly strong but I hate them enough for me to walk around in the freezing cold like this. Anywho, I bought this bag a couple of days ago in the topshop sale for £9.10 (+ the student discount there) and its ideal. I've been in need of a big bag for ages, you cant really see in the photos but its a blacked out rubber like look material which is what made me want it. The top and skirt are all from the good old Zara sale, the roll neck cost me £20 and the skirt £16. Here I have decided to clash the check and cow print, the more print clash the better! But I decided to still keep it within both the neutral tones. As for my new balance, they need a good scrub. :( 


Monday, 27 January 2014


Slacking again on the blogging front. Not happy with myself. 

But finally here is an outfit post + more. sorry its so uncreative

Hat - H&M
Roll Neck - COS
Jeans - H&M
Coat - River Island
Bag - ASOS
Shoes - New Look

So I had been seeing these slip on plimsoll style shoes around a lot, ASOS, Topshop, River Island and I had been debating to buy myself a pair, especially as Topshop have the nicest burgundy crocodile skin ones. However, I found mine in the sale in new look for £5. CHUFFED! They are so comfy and I seem to be putting them with all my outfits. I've gone on a bit of a mad one with the whole shoe buying, cannot wait to post about my white loafers that I recently ordered. The coat is a Christmas gift from my dearest mother, and its the best buy as I don't particularly like buying coats, I don't know why! But it goes with pretty much everything. 
COS COS COS!! is becoming one of my favourite shops. Its the split side of my personality and dress sense coming out. The more sophisticated side that likes to creep out only every now and then and with my 25% discount everything in the shop becomes even more of a dream. I need to be careful. 

I also wanted to blog about some of my likes LOVES this week. 

1. LEANNE WARREN. What a babe of a designer and illustrator.  Her collection at Ravensbourne graduate fashion week is a dream and I fell in love instantly. But it's Leanne's progression and build up to the collection that I love the most with the mood boards and prints I came across (have a look). This feminine girlish aesthetic combined with religious cultural elements is such a good combo, especially with the use of the pale pink colour palette through out the collection. Ahh I'm in love, I want every single piece :( 

2. FLATFORM SANDALS. These are ASOS finest, and Summer needs to hurry up so that they can be purchased and worn. Chunky Birkenstock style sandals are going to be making a come back for sure. 

3. THE BEST BED EVER. Basically where do I get one of these beds from?!! I literally saw this photo on tumblr and realised my bedroom will never be complete until this is in it. 

4. PETRA COLLINS. This image has come from the selection of collages 'Feminine Mystique' that Petra Collins created. Her work, ideas, concept and outlook have stuck strongly with me. I feel her work embraces women's bodies and displays us with natural things the media or individuals would frown upon because of the way we are taught to hide and hate our bodies. 

5. JAMES FRANCO. And last but not least the babes all of babes. James Franco. How can you not be in love?! The series Freaks and Geeks is where it all begun. Franco at his best. 


Monday, 30 December 2013


How bad AWFUL have I been with posting lately?! FORGIVE ME.

The trouble is I have no one to take a photo of my outfits, or I forgot my camera and also because most the time I hate every single photo of my dodgy face. I still need to get past that. I'll get there.

So instead I have decided to do a blog post on some of my new purchases and also Christmas presents that I got. I consumed unhealthy amounts of food over Christmas, they should not make quality street or celebration tins, they are lethal.
So I have been really naughty and spent money I don't really have (story of my life) The pink fluffy clutch was purchased from a new found independent label as I was doing research for my final project. Smoke & Mirrors. Have a look at there Dalmatian bag, it's a dream.  I'm thinking overload of bubblegum pink when I use mine. And seen as I got my perfect holographic sandals for christmas, looks like I'll be doing a sandals and socks combo, cannot wait for that! I think I need to get my act together and actually start getting some outfits sorted.

Here are all my new items with the best make shift background, if I must say so myself. Never too much of the iridescent stuff.



Pink Fluffy Clutch Smoke & Mirrors


Christmas Pressie Holographic Sandals ASOS

Christmas Pressie Gold Bag ASOS

Secret Santa - Sassy Cat Socks TOPSHOP


Sunday, 8 December 2013


Work Christmas Partaaaaay.

Confession time, I am the biggest scrooge ever. However despite this scrooge factor about me I was looking forward to the work do, probably for two main reasons, 1. The chance to actually get dressed up and leave the house. 2. Seeing people at work drunk in a drunken environment. (this ended up being me though.)

Shirt - H&M
Necklace - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Anklet - The Cobra Shop
Loafers - Office


So the ASOS fluffy bag seems to be following me around everywhere, its love. I just want to wear it with every outfit, I feel so bad leaving it in that wardrobe, it shouldn't be left in there.
I won't lie, I've had this shirt for god knows how long now, my sister gave it to me a very long time ago but its kinda my 'go to' shirt. I love my 'go to' item of clothes. Those trusty pieces that you know you can put with anything several times. Ideally I wanted to wear a black roll neck top with this but I just didn't have time to go out and get one, so maybe for next time, IF I ever go out again. 

Highlight of my christmas party.
Doing a dance off to the song 'Push It'. The drunk colleague thinking she can dance.

Romy & Michele High School Reunion. It was one of my fave films when younger and still is, if you have not already watched this, I'm recommending. One of those old school girly films with fashion inspo.

LOVE the pink dress and matching chocker! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quel bel endroit. PARIS PARIS PARIS


Black Cami Dress -ASOS
Necklace - Topshop
Polo Neck - Charity Shop
Shoes - River Island
Hat- H&M
Bag - ASOS 

The title for this post translates 'What a beautiful place', I really do hope that's what it translates as I searched for what it meant, and I'm going to look pretty stupid if not. Anyways that indeed is exactly what Paris was. 
YES, Paris! I know it's taken me a while, if not forever, to get this post up and now it all feels like a distant memory, which is sad, the days go by to quickly for my liking. This post has been sitting in my drafts for a month now, due to the overwhelming amount of uni work to tackle it was left in the lurch for a bit. BUT, I decided to focus my attention on blogging for a day or two. Which is nice, gives me a break from the little world I'm wrapped up in that only consist of coffee and late nights. Slowly turning crazy.

For my best friends 21st birthday I surprised her with a trip to Paris, this is not the normal, I don't go around taking all my friends to Paris, If I could I would but she's practically like family to me and we had spoken about a trip like this for ages. In the space of 2 days and 2 nights we managed to visit and appreciate most of the monuments and other tourist attractions, actually we did most of it all in one day. I had mastered the metro and the buses and before I knew it I was pretty much a pro at getting us around.  I got to finally take my new fluffy bag out that I am so in love with, it was perfect for Paris. For this outfit I layered my black cami over a black polo neck and also finally got to wear my over sized fedora hat which I won't lie is not the slightest bit practical when it comes to wind. The outfit was looking a bit to plain for my Paris adventure so I added the long chocker style necklace. 

Notre Dame Cathedral 
Palais Et Jardin Du Luxembourg
Palais De Justice
Musee Du Louvre 
Pont Des Arts
Pl. de la Concorde
Champs Elysees
Arc De Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
Galerie Lafayette 

All of the above are the places we managed to see and visit.  My legs were paying for it the next day but it could not have been more worth it. Notre Dame Cathedral, well words can not even describe how stunning it actually is, as soon as we stepped inside we was both hypnotised by the most detailed stain glass windows, the layout and the architecture. We spent along time strolling around trying to take it all in, I did not want to leave and it was practically the first place we went to. One of my favourite moments was going to the 'lovers bridge' at Pont Des Arts, I acted like me and Bianca (the best friend family member) were pretty much lovers and locked our lock together on the bridge to have a reminder of our trip. I also did one for my mum with our names on and kept the keys for us. Everything at night is just so much more beautiful then it already is, I genuinely felt like I was playing a part in a movie strolling around la Concorde. There was so much we still did not get to see so planning another trip to Paris has defo got to be on the cards.

Lovers Bridge 

Take me back :(

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Liebster Award, my question and answer time

So thank you so much to Megan and Chelsey from Cheap Frills, who invited me to take part in the Liebster Award. This award is to help bloggers with under 200 followers help promote themselves and get talking with other bloggers, so I was thrilled.

How to make sense of it all?
- Each nominee must answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated them
- You must then choose 11 others who have under 200 followers to pass on the award
- Tell them about their nomination
- Choose 11 new questions for them to answer, and so on!

Ooooo question and answer time, love this, I know i'm already going to ramble and babble on, be prepared! 

My answers to Megan & Chelseys questions 

Girly-girl or tomboy?
To be honest I literally feel like I am split between both. Within Style I know on the outside I may steer a lot more towards tomboy I guess but on the inside there's a girly girl dying to get out. In most cases I like to mix both.

Best bargain in the last month?
Hmm best bargain? I wish I had the option to even list loads, but due to lack of funds that's not the case. 
Fashion Related - My loose fitted pink tailored trousers (which I'll be posting about soon) for £7.50 from H&M which I cannot wait to wear.
Life related - My inflatable neon pink sofa that I purchased for a photo shoot off eBay, all for a tenner, I'll definitely be keeping that in my room after.

Favourite autumn trend?
Oversized coats & tailoring, polo necks, leather and faux pony skin. And when brave enough winter white. All these combined is a dream to me.

What scent do you wear?
When I think its okay to be splashing cash then its Marc Jacob - Daisy.
On budget terms its Ghost - Sweetheart.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have one item only, what would it be?
This question is always a sucker, because it shows were your priorities lie, do I pick something for survival? which never usually is the case. I feel like I'm breaking the rules here because I'm picking two, but a notepad and pen, imagine the things that would be in that after being on that island for however bluddy long.

Celebrity lookalike?
I don't know, you tell me? I seem to get told I look like any ginger celebrity just because there ginger, yet I actually look nothing like the person themselves. Typical one 'Gerri Hallowell' but ill go with that, I used to have the union jack dress!

Midi, maxi, or mini?
MINI. You've watched clueless right?! And sorry OMG but those 90's Gianni Versace metallic mini skirts  make me melt.
And if your not aware with what I'm on about then here, melting!!

Trends you didn’t ‘get’?
This is tricky, when I'm shopping I'll see things and think 'why?' but put on the spot I'm now finding this difficult.

If you could spend £100 on one item, what would it be?
Most items I want are £100 or over. Story of my life. BUT there is the most amazing green coat from the ASOS WHITE collection,  actually any of the ASOS WHITE collection. 

City-slicker or country gal?
City slacker all the way. I'm always travelling on trains around London and exploring, I love it, the only time I ever have a country gal encounter is if I go on trips away.

What do you love most about blogging?
The fact that it gives you  a chance to express the way you may feel about fashion or specific areas and that you know other people are doing it to, who are going to connect with you and relate, isn't that feeling great? Knowing that in some way as fashion bloggers we kind of support each other. For me the thing I love most is that I get to combine my creative side with elements I love, and then displaying that on my blog, its more for myself to expand on my own style and creative development. I guess with blogging weather its conscious or sub conscious that just become more aware about your own likes and style and I like that. It only leaves you room to grow and thats the best part, your constantly growing. 

My nominees 
Becca & Lizzy - Stinkinhippies.blogspot.

Hope you all can try this out. 

11 new questions for you to answer (be warned some questions will be random)
- What's your dream designer collection? any year?
- if you had to be in a girl group, which would it be?
- Favourite film and why?
- what's the last thing that really inspired you?
- dark lipstick or bright?
- If you had to do fancy dress what would you be?
- whats that one piece of clothing you've had in your wardrobe forever, but will never get rid of?
- Your style icon?
- Sweet or Savoury?
- The trend your wearing most? 
- And I'm going to keep a previous question because I liked it; what do you love most about blogging?