Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Quel bel endroit. PARIS PARIS PARIS


Black Cami Dress -ASOS
Necklace - Topshop
Polo Neck - Charity Shop
Shoes - River Island
Hat- H&M
Bag - ASOS 

The title for this post translates 'What a beautiful place', I really do hope that's what it translates as I searched for what it meant, and I'm going to look pretty stupid if not. Anyways that indeed is exactly what Paris was. 
YES, Paris! I know it's taken me a while, if not forever, to get this post up and now it all feels like a distant memory, which is sad, the days go by to quickly for my liking. This post has been sitting in my drafts for a month now, due to the overwhelming amount of uni work to tackle it was left in the lurch for a bit. BUT, I decided to focus my attention on blogging for a day or two. Which is nice, gives me a break from the little world I'm wrapped up in that only consist of coffee and late nights. Slowly turning crazy.

For my best friends 21st birthday I surprised her with a trip to Paris, this is not the normal, I don't go around taking all my friends to Paris, If I could I would but she's practically like family to me and we had spoken about a trip like this for ages. In the space of 2 days and 2 nights we managed to visit and appreciate most of the monuments and other tourist attractions, actually we did most of it all in one day. I had mastered the metro and the buses and before I knew it I was pretty much a pro at getting us around.  I got to finally take my new fluffy bag out that I am so in love with, it was perfect for Paris. For this outfit I layered my black cami over a black polo neck and also finally got to wear my over sized fedora hat which I won't lie is not the slightest bit practical when it comes to wind. The outfit was looking a bit to plain for my Paris adventure so I added the long chocker style necklace. 

Notre Dame Cathedral 
Palais Et Jardin Du Luxembourg
Palais De Justice
Musee Du Louvre 
Pont Des Arts
Pl. de la Concorde
Champs Elysees
Arc De Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
Galerie Lafayette 

All of the above are the places we managed to see and visit.  My legs were paying for it the next day but it could not have been more worth it. Notre Dame Cathedral, well words can not even describe how stunning it actually is, as soon as we stepped inside we was both hypnotised by the most detailed stain glass windows, the layout and the architecture. We spent along time strolling around trying to take it all in, I did not want to leave and it was practically the first place we went to. One of my favourite moments was going to the 'lovers bridge' at Pont Des Arts, I acted like me and Bianca (the best friend family member) were pretty much lovers and locked our lock together on the bridge to have a reminder of our trip. I also did one for my mum with our names on and kept the keys for us. Everything at night is just so much more beautiful then it already is, I genuinely felt like I was playing a part in a movie strolling around Pl.de la Concorde. There was so much we still did not get to see so planning another trip to Paris has defo got to be on the cards.

Lovers Bridge 

Take me back :(

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  1. I love your posts....so artistic and creative! <3