Monday, 30 December 2013


How bad AWFUL have I been with posting lately?! FORGIVE ME.

The trouble is I have no one to take a photo of my outfits, or I forgot my camera and also because most the time I hate every single photo of my dodgy face. I still need to get past that. I'll get there.

So instead I have decided to do a blog post on some of my new purchases and also Christmas presents that I got. I consumed unhealthy amounts of food over Christmas, they should not make quality street or celebration tins, they are lethal.
So I have been really naughty and spent money I don't really have (story of my life) The pink fluffy clutch was purchased from a new found independent label as I was doing research for my final project. Smoke & Mirrors. Have a look at there Dalmatian bag, it's a dream.  I'm thinking overload of bubblegum pink when I use mine. And seen as I got my perfect holographic sandals for christmas, looks like I'll be doing a sandals and socks combo, cannot wait for that! I think I need to get my act together and actually start getting some outfits sorted.

Here are all my new items with the best make shift background, if I must say so myself. Never too much of the iridescent stuff.



Pink Fluffy Clutch Smoke & Mirrors


Christmas Pressie Holographic Sandals ASOS

Christmas Pressie Gold Bag ASOS

Secret Santa - Sassy Cat Socks TOPSHOP


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