Monday, 27 January 2014


Slacking again on the blogging front. Not happy with myself. 

But finally here is an outfit post + more. sorry its so uncreative

Hat - H&M
Roll Neck - COS
Jeans - H&M
Coat - River Island
Bag - ASOS
Shoes - New Look

So I had been seeing these slip on plimsoll style shoes around a lot, ASOS, Topshop, River Island and I had been debating to buy myself a pair, especially as Topshop have the nicest burgundy crocodile skin ones. However, I found mine in the sale in new look for £5. CHUFFED! They are so comfy and I seem to be putting them with all my outfits. I've gone on a bit of a mad one with the whole shoe buying, cannot wait to post about my white loafers that I recently ordered. The coat is a Christmas gift from my dearest mother, and its the best buy as I don't particularly like buying coats, I don't know why! But it goes with pretty much everything. 
COS COS COS!! is becoming one of my favourite shops. Its the split side of my personality and dress sense coming out. The more sophisticated side that likes to creep out only every now and then and with my 25% discount everything in the shop becomes even more of a dream. I need to be careful. 

I also wanted to blog about some of my likes LOVES this week. 

1. LEANNE WARREN. What a babe of a designer and illustrator.  Her collection at Ravensbourne graduate fashion week is a dream and I fell in love instantly. But it's Leanne's progression and build up to the collection that I love the most with the mood boards and prints I came across (have a look). This feminine girlish aesthetic combined with religious cultural elements is such a good combo, especially with the use of the pale pink colour palette through out the collection. Ahh I'm in love, I want every single piece :( 

2. FLATFORM SANDALS. These are ASOS finest, and Summer needs to hurry up so that they can be purchased and worn. Chunky Birkenstock style sandals are going to be making a come back for sure. 

3. THE BEST BED EVER. Basically where do I get one of these beds from?!! I literally saw this photo on tumblr and realised my bedroom will never be complete until this is in it. 

4. PETRA COLLINS. This image has come from the selection of collages 'Feminine Mystique' that Petra Collins created. Her work, ideas, concept and outlook have stuck strongly with me. I feel her work embraces women's bodies and displays us with natural things the media or individuals would frown upon because of the way we are taught to hide and hate our bodies. 

5. JAMES FRANCO. And last but not least the babes all of babes. James Franco. How can you not be in love?! The series Freaks and Geeks is where it all begun. Franco at his best.