Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Another pair of new shoes. Oops

Jacket - ASOS
Cami Top - ASOS
Jeans - H&M
Clutch - H&M
Boots - River Island

So I know I'm weirdly fussy but after buying these boots it made me realise how ridiculously fussy I am. When I got them home and tried them on I started questioning myself asking 'are they making my foot look really long, are they to big round the front, does the size of my foot look massive'? Some of the things I concentrate on and think about. Really?! 
Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was being an idiot. They are just chunky, which is the part I love and the reason I wanted them. Either way the boots and me have now developed and formed a loving relationship with one another, I'm wearing them with everything! I'll admit I had been struggling to find a pair because quite frankly I just do not have the money at the moment, well at any given time but right now especially not for £70-£95 boots. These were £40 from River Island, which I felt I could justify, as the quality still looks good, there comfortable and also pretty much Dioon Vagabond look alikes, so I'm happy. As for the quilted jacket, it was a freebie I grabbed from when working at ASOS, one of the perks of the job. I paired it with all black as I didn't really want to take the attention away from the jacket, its details and colours. That and also because I'm having a massive trouser dilemma with not having the right bottoms for anything :(
Also, always have been and probably always will be a massive *to do lister, and as third year goes I feel like not even enough of those are going to cut it. Yet I'll share with you a few from my fashion creative to do list for now.

  • Buy disposable camera - some of my favourite photos are my disposables and from now on I want one with me at all times. New rule before leaving the house - 'Disposable camera?' Check.
  • Make my pink fluffy scrunchies - Im a massive scrunchie fan but there are not enough that suit my needs, so I have already purchased the materials just need to start the DIYing.
  • Order some zines. At uni I'm focusing on zines for my project, the more I've researched into them the more obsessed I am becoming. 

Vagabond Boots - River Island Boots


  1. ooooo Thanks for the heads up on the boots! I agree the vagabonds are defo a pocket cruncher!

    Looking fab x

  2. just discovered your blog and i luv luv luv it, followed u on bloglovin'


  3. I love your blog girlie, your style is fab!

  4. Oh man, these are my problems too with every new pair of shoes I buy. But then you realise it's not that frigging important, YOU JUST SPENT A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY ON THEM AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR THEM TOO! Thanks for your comment btw ;)