Monday, 4 November 2013


All dressed up, nowhere to go.

Dilemmas Dilemmas. As strange as this may sound to some I am nocturnal most nights and seem to go on a massive dress up, planning and picking outfits, yes at 2 o'clock in the morning. Yet I plan all these outfits to wear but quite frankly have no where to go?! Sad aye. Living in Brighton and not really going out at the moment means where do I wear my heels? I cant casually wear them in the daytime, don't get me wrong I would love to but unfortunately I'm not a great heel walker and I would rather save myself the embarrassment. However tomorrow I'm off to PARIS, which means I can wear my heels and all my new purchases, which of course I especially bought for the trip. OMG excited is an understatement, I surprised my best friend with this trip for her 21st birthday present and the itinerary is already planned, we have so much to do and see.
But due to my lack of social life and fun activities lately which is escalating into not blog posting, I have decided to post about something I am working on at the moment. Styling, Photography and Art Direction are the three areas I am massively interested in. I'm a very visual person, I love layouts, composition and the way something has a theme around it! I'm constantly self teaching and learning about all three, usually up at 2o'clock in the morning mastering photoshop. I wish my mind wasn't so creative at this time, because I know I'm going to fall into a deep dark pattern. So far I'm creating some layouts from a quick spontaneous shoot that happened with my fellow Pisces dreamer (star sign thing) Laura Beirne. A textile student with a love for hidden gems. The concept behind the garments that she makes is to take something we may not have wanted anymore or use and recycle it again. Her crazy personality and courageous style reflects and creeps into her own pieces as she mixes and clashes prints and colours. 
'Storytellers' is a selection of images I have designed to reflect upon the raw and recycled aspect of Beirnes garments. 
This selection is revolved around the floral paisley shorts. 

'Our clothes are the storytellers of our Journey'

Have a look at Laura's blog and some of her creations.



  1. These are amazing, I wish I was this creative! Please, if you have the time, take a look at my blog?

  2. Hey lovely,

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